Improved and Expanded Medicare for All Act (HR 676)


Mission Statement of Retirees for Single Payer Health Care 


Expand Medicaid

Why are we in this fight for Universal Health Care?  In particular Single Payer Health Care?  As human beings we have developed technology to increase our productivity. And the more productive we are the wealthier our society is.  Wealthier not in money but in how we live.  Read More

Vote in the 2016 Elections
Save Social Security and Establish Universal Single Payer Health Care For All

Retirees for Single Payer Health Care encourage everyone (especially retirees) to Vote in the 2016 Elections.  If you are not registered get registered and vote. If you are registered do not stay home, vote.  Read More



Ebola shows weakness of healthcare system

 Ebola is now in the United States. This fact can serve to clarify the international bonds of humanity and the urgent need to address such threats in a manner that protects international as well as U.S. health.  Read More

North Idaho CLC in Coeur D’Alene Endorses HR 676

"The North Idaho Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO, has endorsed HR 676,” reports President Brad Cederblom. “We realize that the Affordable Care Act was a step in the right direction, but we believe that a Single Payer System would be better for all of our members," he stated.  Read More

On Oct. 20th, 2014, United Nations representatives met with the Mayor, and part of his staff to discuss the recent mass water shutoff’s plaguing Detroit

On Oct. 20th, 2014, United Nations representatives met with the Mayor, and part of his staff to discuss the recent mass water shutoff’s plaguing Detroit. The meeting was very frank and at times contentious with the Special Rapporteurs asking questions based on citizen/resident reports they had received from what they refer to as “civil society” organizations and direct visits to residential homes.  Read More



*Monday 1/5/15 from 11:30am to 1:30pm - Retirees for Single Payer Health Care Meeting at UAW Local 22, 4300 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48210 (map).  Standard Agenda. Everyone is welcome.

*Saturday 10/25/14 to Wednesday 12/31/14 - Sign the Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) Petition Regarding Emergency Measures for Ebola Control

October 25, 2014

Please join me in calling on President Obama to implement emergency measures to address the Ebola crisis. A strong evidence-based response is needed, including a commitment by the U.S. to support health needs in Africa and to eliminate barriers to care within the United States.

Please click here ( to add your name to the Health Professionals’ Petition Regarding Emergency Measures for Ebola Control, and consider forwarding it to colleagues.


Andrew D. Coates, M.D., F.A.C.P.

See FACEBOOK EVENT for more information.

*Tuesday 11/4/14 to Wednesday 12/31/14 - National Nurses United Urges You to Take Action Now! Tell President Obama and Congress to Protect all Health Care Workers, their Patients and the Public!

Sign the Petition             Share the Petition

On behalf of registered nurses and other healthcare workers across the United States, we understand that the only way to adequately confront the Ebola crisis, that the World Health Organization has termed the most significant health crisis in modern history, is for the President to invoke his executive authority to mandate uniform, national standards and protocols that all hospitals must follow to safely protect patients, registered nurses, other front-line healthcare workers, and the public. Every healthcare employer must be directed to follow the Precautionary Principle and institute optimal protocols and personal protective equipment for Ebola that meets the highest standards used by Nebraska Medical Center, or a higher standard, including:

  Full-body hazmat suits that meet the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F1670 standard for blood penetration, the ASTM F1671 standard for viral penetration which leaves no skin exposed or unprotected.

  National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health-approved powered air purifying respirators with an assigned protection factor of at least 50 — or a higher standard as appropriate.

  At least two direct-care registered nurses caring for each Ebola patient with additional RNs assigned as needed (based on the direct care RN’s professional judgment), with no additional patient care assignments.

  Continuous interactive training with the RNs who are exposed to patients, continuous updated training and education for all RNs that is responsive to the changing nature of disease, and continuous interactive training and expertise from facilities where state-of-the-art disease containment is occurring.

  If the Employer has a program with standards that exceed those used by Nebraska Medical Center, the higher standard shall be used. The Ebola pandemic and the exposure of healthcare workers to the virus represent a clear and present danger to public health. We know that without these mandates to healthcare facilities, we are putting registered nurses, physicians and other healthcare workers at extreme risk. They are our first line of defense. We would not send soldiers to the battlefield without armor and weapons.

In conclusion, not one more patient, nurse, or healthcare worker should be put at risk due to a lack of healthcare facility preparedness. The United States should be setting the example on how to contain and eradicate the Ebola virus. Nothing short of President Obama's mandate, that optimal safety standards apply, will be acceptable to the nurses of this nation. We demand protection for all healthcare workers.

Sign the Petition             Share the Petition

These activities are endorsed by Retirees for Single Payer Health Care:

*Tuesday 12/16/14 at 10:00am - Legislative hearings on creating Universal healthcare in New York State at the The Grand Hall, located on the top floor of the Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life, NYU, 238 Thompson St New York, NY 10012 (map).

The state legislature will be holding a number of hearings to gather feedback from New Yorkers about creating UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE in NY STATE.

Please join us at the hearing so we can send a loud message of support!

We'll be at Washington Square Arch 9:00am with materials to make signs. Join me and make one or bring your own, but come early to be a part of the press event which will be between 9 and 10am.


See FACEBOOK EVENT for more information.

*Saturday 2/14/15 from 9:00am to 6:00pm - 2015 Students for a National Health Program (SNaHP) Summit at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Chicago IL

The 2014 Student Summit, which was attended by more than 80 health professional students, concluded with a march and rally to "Put Patients Over Profits" in front of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. The event was covered by Univision Chicago and WGN Radio.

Click here to register now.

Scholarships are available: you can apply here.

These activities are endorsed by Retirees for Single Payer Health Care because FOOD, WATER AND SHELTER ARE BASIC HEALTHCARE:

*Sunday 12/14/14 from 11:00am to 12:30pm - Sunday in Cass Park with our Friends and the Fogotten Worker...Christmas time in the Park at Cass Park Historic District, Detroit, Michigan 48201 (View Map · Get Directions)

We just had Thanksgiving in the Park and just like that it is Christmas time. That is how the 2nd and 4th Sundays work this year. The 4th will be the 28th, so there may be a part 2.

Since this is the closest Sunday before Christmas the major plans will go here. Like all Holiday times special care is needed to warm the lives of those who think of better times and places. If someone can't be home for the Holidays we can do our best to give them a little home for the Holidays Cass Park style.

I was looking over the pictures of our times together around this time of the year and it amazed me how many of us and our friends have done this together over the years. So when we say with our friends, that is what it is.

First of all I consider myself one of the luckiest humans alive to be surrounded by some many good hearted people. Thank You, all of you :-)

There may be extra people again, because it is the Holiday Season. The menu will pretty much be the same as far as a hearty meal goes, but extras like Holiday cookies, cakes, candy canes and whatever else that brightens this time of the year will be needed.

Most of the time I find those Santa hats and I will stock up on those again this year.

I remember a Christmas when I was living on the street and someone gave me some Christmas candy wrapped up in foil with a little bow on it. I thought I was a tough street kid then, about 19 years old, but I never forgot that. That is what I hope we can do this Sunday. Nothing too special, but something that says what time of the year it is. Something to warm the heart of our Friends.

I am looking forward to our Christmas time in Cass Park. December 14th at 11:00 am.

*Anytime - GLEANERS COMMUNITY FOOD BANK - For more than 35 years, Gleaners Community Food Bank has been "nourishing communities by feeding hungry people.” Last year, Gleaners distributed 46 million pounds of emergency food to more than 550 partner soup kitchens, shelters and pantries in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston and Monroe counties. We alleviate hunger by providing the equivalent of more than 100,000 meals per day to people who otherwise cannot afford the food they need.  See WEBSITE for more information.



Medicare For All (HR 676)



The Digital Disruption - Technology & Economics for the 99% 

What are the roots of this crisis, and how do we solve it?

Is the current crisis another "business cycle", from which we'll eventually recover?

Can our system be reformed or changed to solve our problems?

2014 Single-Payer Strategy Conference

This is a wiki for posting notes, photos, powerpoint presentations, and video of the August 2014 Single-Payer Strategy Conference hosted in Oakland, CA by Healthcare-NOW!, the Labor Campaign for Single-Payer Healthcare, and One Payer States. To see what other conference participants have shared, click on the workshop or panel below that you're interested in.

Unions, Labor And Single Payer-Speakers At Labor For Single Payer Conference 

At a national conference of Labor For Single Payer speakers discussed the role of the trade unions and he struggle for national health are in the United Sates. Panelists included Michael Lighty NNOC, Fernando Gapasin, Writer Activist, Ethel Scott-Long WEAP, Rita Valenti, NNOC, Healthcare for All Georgia, Kasha Ram Vermont State Representative. The event took place on August 23, 2014 in Oakland, California.


What you missed on Monica Marie Jones Show - Retirees for Single Payer Health Care! - Listen Like Share


The Expanded & Improved #Medicare For All Act #HR676

In 2012, 47 million nonelderly Americans were uninsured. This is not a statistic. This is a crisis


Donate to PNHP!

Our small staff and all activities are supported by members’ dues, individual contributions, and above all, the hands-on activities of our members. We take no money from pharmaceutical companies, the insurance industry, or other corporate interests.

Contributions to PNHP are tax deductible under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code.

Student Advocacy Fund

PNHP - NEW YORK METRO CHAPTER - To honor Dr. Pierson's lifelong commitment to mentoring generations of medical students, we launched the Richard N. Pierson, Jr. Student Advocacy Fund at our annual benefit in 2012. Please give generously to help us expand our important work with health professional students. 

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Retirees for Single Payer Health Care
Medicare For All
(HR 676)

Everybody In, Nobody Out Healthcare - Gives every resident of the United States and the U.S. Territories access to all medically necessary health care services, including vision and dental as well long term care with no copays or deductibles regardless of employment, income or health status.  Private insurance companies may not duplicate coverage under this bill.

Non-Profit Healthcare - Converts all healthcare providers to a not-for-profit service where illness is no longer a source of wealth for a few.

Single Payer Healthcare – Medicare today is a social insurance program for those 65 or older and the disabled under 65.  Medicare for All improves and extends that social insurance program to all of us. This gives us all the collective ability to control the out of control costs of the healthcare industry in this country.  Pays for that expanded coverage by maintaining the present level of federal government revenues for Health Care as well as increasing personal income taxes on the top 5 percent income earners, instituting a modest and progressive tax on payroll and self-employment income, on unearned income, and on stock and bond transactions.


“People need to believe that social change is possible.  If they think their only option is to exchange one oppressor for another, they will usually choose to accept their victimization and try to make the best of it.  That is why counter institutions are so important, because they are living demonstrations that better social relationships are possible and within our grasp.  They are possible because, besides the seeds of the oppressor within us, we also have the seeds of mutual liberation within us, the instincts of cooperation, of sharing, democracy, equality, extended family.”  John Curl, Poet

John Conyers, sponsor of HR-676, told us a dozen or so years ago that “Medicare For All” is definitely possible, but that it will take a fight with the organization, scope and intensity of the civil rights struggle.  People were beaten, jailed and killed, but the mass struggle just kept on intensifying until there was victory. The issue we face today is whether or not we are prepared to wage just such a struggle so that everyone can receive quality health care that meets their needs.  It will be necessary. As Rep. Conyers also told us, "you have no idea of the intensity and determination of the opposition".  So the future is indeed up to us.  Jim Bish, Member UAW Local 6000 Retiree Chapter, Detroit, MI
‘There was no formal interview like I imagined but the day turned out to be even better.  There was lots of gumbo ya-ya about politics then (60s) and now with a bunch of us sitting around a conference table eating what had to be KFC.  There were a few people there from a group called Retirees for Single Payer Healthcare, most of whom were north of 60.  They spent a good 15 minutes arguing what commerce would look like in a post capitalist society as if this new arrangement was coming next month and they were teenagers planning out the rest of their lives.  It was a freedom dream in motion with General Baker at the helm – a powerful lesson in hope.’  Robyn Spencer, from “Rest in Power, General Baker”